Vernon and Megan


We met long ago through mutual friend and then reconnected when we sat at the same table at a wedding actually of a different mutual friend in 2006. Vern proposed in Timbuktu (in Mali) in the desert, we’d been on a camel ride out of Timbuktu into the desert and the sun was setting- we’d just had traditional tea poured for us which we drank lying on grass mats amongst the chickens and goats in the Bedouin camp. It was super cool and totally unexpected! Best birthday present my dad ever got (his birthday was the next day and we text him from the airport).

Megan and Vernon wanted a New Year’s Eve wedding to have family and friends from around the world here to celebrate their special day. They choose to have it in Braamfontien on an open rooftop venue to give their guests a totally different wedding experience and to make sure this was one New Year’s they would never forget and that was a wish that came true! Between the thunder storms, fireworks and speeches a huge Highveld storm won, we have to move the whole party down 13 stories to a closed venue where an half an hour later the speeches continued and everyone partied the night away in style! Not before everyone enjoyed the most beautiful sunset but see for yourself. . .

Photographer: Andrea Carlyle


Vicki had an amazing ability to remain enthusiastic and excited throughout the entire process of organizing our wedding! I think what I appreciated most was her good sense of humour and positive attitude. She was really hard working and generous with her time, with nothing being too much trouble for her. Vicki really goes beyond the call of duty!

Aside from arranging all the big things, she was there to do all the small unexpected and caring things- to remind us how many more sleeps ‘til the big day, to advise us to take something to drink on the photo shoot, to give a hug when it all got too exhausting.

Organizing a wedding was different to any of the other parties and events I’ve organized and having expert advice from someone who specializes in weddings made it so much easier. Vicki was able to come up with creative ideas for a wedding that fitted our budget and took account of our priorities. Her flower arrangements and décor were beautiful and the attention to detail is something I could never have done alone.

The best thing was that on the day of the wedding we didn’t have to worry about a thing, everything happened behind the scenes and we got to have the most incredible wedding focusing on what was important, our vows, each other and our guests.

Thanks Vicks for all the hours of hard work, advising, thinking, reminding, phone calls, smses, lifting, carrying, directing, arranging and organizing! Quite a few people have said to us, “That’s one of the best weddings I’ve ever been to and I’m not just saying that, it really was!” It wouldn’t have been our best day ever without you! Thank you.


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