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When I first met Tarryn & Terrence and they told me about the dreams that they had for their wedding and their extraordinaty “how they met story” I knew this was going to be a wedding with a difference, a mix of East meets West, one filled with laughter, love and celebration of a couple very much in love, demonstrated in the fact that they designed their own wedding bands for each other. But you read on and you will discover that for yourself.

Tarryn and I met in one of those “really?” situations. Warren (a friend of mine) is currently dating Andy (Tarryn’s sister) and they were to join me for the Chinese new-year celebrations that were happing in Johannesburg’s CBD.

Being a “guailow” (a whitey) I have always been the tail of the dragon. Yes, the tail runs the most and yes, by the end of it most of the runners always say: “never again”. Tarryn was there after going on a cruise ship contract and happened to be playing the drums for the lion dance.

We had met earlier and both of us thought to put off going out together because she was going away. This time however she was there in all of her “glowing” glory.

The inevitable then happened: dating, kissing and getting shot at by the father’s shot gun (figuratively not literally). I decided that the time had come and took Tarryn to the Johannesburg Zoo. After stressing out about where to do the deed we eventually moved into the aviary where the big question was asked. After finding out that Tarryn did not need the toilet I then asked her to marry me.

It seemed to be quite an emotional time as for the next ten minutes I got no reply except for tears. Needless to say the answer was yes and one year later we tied the knot.



Tarryn’s and my wedding was most certainly an event that I will most certainly never forget. Tarryn looked glorious and certainly allayed my “will-she-arrive-or-where-has-she gone?” fears. The reception was handled so well by Vicki and our friend Jana ( who did the flowers) that one of the best things happened: we never even noticed all of the hard work that the two of them put in. That is how well they pulled it all off.

From broken vases to a fabulous seating plan, designed by Vicki, it all went smoothly, which is incredible when you consider just how much stress we were under.

Our greatest thanks to Vicki for making the day so special as we could never have done it without you.

TnT (Dynamite)


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  1. Petro - Zhous

    Absolutely beautiful…..very nice venue….Tarryn you look like a filmstar…..Terence you are a very lucky guy.
    May God fold the two of you in his arms, and may he keep you forever, and may you be blessed in each other.

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