Russell and Tarryne

The tale of Tarryne & Russell and his unfortunate teeth.

Russell had a theory that if he could find a woman who could look past the physical appearance of a person and treat them with love and respect he would have found the perfect women.

So he bought fake teeth (making him look like the mad guy on the cover of the MAD magazine) and proceeded to wear them to every party. Along comes one princess Tarryne and meets Russell and his very unfortunate teeth, but takes pity on this poor soul and treats him as any normal person. After a long conversation Russell realises this is the girl of his dreams, but also realises too late she really thinks that this is what he looks like and may have lost her. Princess Tarryne has by now left the party, but tells friends what a nice guy Russell is and may like him but she couldn’t help but notice his very unfortunate teeth. Upon hearing this Russell is determined to reveal his true self at their next meeting.

Needless to say in all good romances there is suspense and these two souls did not meet again for a very long time, until determined friends knowing both sides of the story made a dinner date. And upon that fateful dinner date princess Tarryne met Russell without his unfortunate teeth and fortunately for him fell head over heels in love. It is rumoured in the land, that Russell whisked Tarryne off to an exclusive bush hide away and proposed at a romantic bush dinner for two. Which had to be ended early as a pride of lions came to see what all the fuss was about, what more does a fairytale need, romance, intrigue, beauty, and danger …. Oh yes a happily ever after see for yourselves.

This is what a happy ever after looks like . . .

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