Richard and Tessa

Accountants . . . need I say more? When it comes to this couple, yes!! These 2 are the liveliest and most flamboyant couple of accountants I’ve met. Having known of each other since primary school, only at varsity did their balance sheet finally balance. Like they say if it’s meant to be, it will be.

Richard is the perfect, handsome gentleman, ready to love, cherish and defend his Lady at a moment’s notice. Tessa is a beautiful, well poised lady with an eye for detail and flare. Her fun loving and adventurous side came through in her perfect choice of blue shoes to accompany her perfect dress. Both Tessa and Richard defy the laws of boring accountants which showed through in the funky well thought of details of their wedding. See the cake topper as an example of one of these many details that the couple and their guests got to enjoy through out the evening. Choosing a dramatic blue for their wedding opened up the doors for romance, drama and a fun filled wedding with a sparkling difference, which lasted well into the wee hours of the morning.

It was a beautiful celebration of a couple whose hearts had acquired eternal assets that would never depreciate, but see for yourself……

Venue: Moon and Sixpence Florin Hall

Stationary: Lisa

Make up and Hair: Francois Nel

Photographer: Chris Wessels

Videographer: Natalia Economides

Sapphire Weddings – My Fairy-Godmother

My fiancé and I chose The Moon & Sixpence for our wedding venue. We visited one day to get ideas for décor and went to see a wedding reception being set-up in our chosen venue. I was impressed with what I saw. I spotted a lady balancing on a ladder, carefully attaching pretty glass decorations from the ceiling. I tapped her on the shoulder and she passed me a business card while skillfully balancing on her ladder. I discovered that this young and energetic lady was not just a décor person but a complete wedding coordinator.

A few months later, I was still struggling with the décor and I kept thinking back to the lady on the ladder. She really seemed like somebody who would do the job with passion and pride. She did exactly that.

Vicki is extremely passionate about what she does and she has an incredible can-do attitude. She did not get irritated with me when I changed my mind a million times over, she has brilliant communication skills, she is always cheerful and she is hard working.

Vicki wants to make your wedding day special and perfect. She has the memory of an elephant and she really helped me with the finer details and the logistics of planning a wedding. It is a little tricky to plan a wedding when you have a full-time job and Vicki was like a Fairy Godmother to me. She took all of my worries away.

On the day, Vicki made sure that everything was running smoothly and that the Bride and Groom had everything they required. She makes a point of fussing over the Bride throughout, which made me feel very important! For me, she made the day extra special because she really put her whole heart into our special day.

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  1. Matt Moir

    I flew all the way from London to be a part of this celebration (and to deliver the cake topper :) …and what a celebration it was!

    There were many memorable moments – the most priceless of all being my father letting loose on the dance floor and almost knocking himself unconscious!

    Congratulations, it was a perfect wedding for my sister and Richard.

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