Phillip and Dena


There is a warning attached to this next story, ladies this reads like a classic romantic movie, so enjoy!

It all began one day about 19 years ago. My friend Tanya and
I were sharing a flat together as it was our first year of teaching. This
helped us save money for partying :)

At that time Phillip was living in a block of flats, the
same block that a mutual friend of ours was also staying in. Tessa introduced
us and we became best friends. We hung out together all the time. We were
action cricket partners and we spent a lot of time together. So much so that
everyone thought we were an item. In those days I was stupid and didn’t
appreciate the extent of my feelings for Phillip. When he told me his true
feelings and wanted to marry me, I panicked!

I thought, I’m too young, it’ll ruin our friendship etc…

Phillip became involved with someone else as did I. I got
married and had two beautiful boys. I then spent the next fifteen years missing
my best friend. I tried to contact him, but clearly my sleuthing skills needed
more honing. Then as computer challenged as I am, I thought I’d try facebook. I
knew it was him when I saw his profile picture was a stormtrooper on a
dancepole! I didn’t hear from him immediately because he was away at the time,
unbeknown to me. I thought my world had come to an end. Years of believing we
would be in contact again! Then he responded and we met for coffee. The Mugg
and Bean will always hold a special place in my heart  :)  it was as if the years
melted away.

We dated for three years, and then it was his turn to have a
panic attack! We separated for six long agonising months. In my heart I did not
give up. Phillip went soul searching in Australia for two months. We were in
contact because I kept an eye on his house. I started to date. When Phillip returned
we had dinner, my feelings had not changed. He realised the same thing and
within weeks he was trying to track me down at the coast (I was on holiday) to
propose. I did not have my lap top with me and had submerged my phone in the
sea that morning, so was completely out of contact. Luckily for us, his
sleuthing skills are better than mine! The boys and I flew back the very next
day, a week earlier than planned! Phillip met us at the airport. We had a lot
to discuss, but one cannot ignore one’s heart.

He is my best friend, my lover, my husband and my whole
life. I am so thankful for the second chance I was given, as it is a privilege
spending my life with such an amazing, intelligent caring man. I plan to spend
the rest of my life making him as happy as he makes me!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Vicki, of
Sapphire Weddings for making the wedding of our dreams possible.

Phillip and I had planned to organise our wedding in a very
short time. We quickly realised it was a huge task and not possible for us to
do with our busy schedules. We were fortunate enough to find Vicki, who
immediately put our minds at rest. She organised everything from the marquee to
the flowers. This all in a space of a month!

Our garden was transformed and we had a beautiful wedding at
home, with no stress. All our guests complimented us on magnificent wedding.
The food was exceptional.

Vicki is warm, spontaneous person. Nothing is too much
trouble. She is highly efficient and professional. I highly recommend her

Yours sincerely


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