Oscar and Melony

Well myself and Oz worked for the same company for 4 years and we always batted our eyes at each other, and dropped the occasional flirt here and there, but being in a work environment and him being one of my bosses, a relationship was out of the question (terrible I know). But during this time we became good friends and after a while I confided in him about everything
going on in my life.

Oz then left the company. Luckily the company that I then still worked for operated out of a part if Oz’s house (he rented this space to them). Of course then it wasn’t long before, well let’s just say things took off quickly from there!! He was truly the most beautiful man I have ever laid eyes on (inside and out). And let’s just say that the rest is history ;-)

I have honestly married the best man in the world, a true GEM!! My sister said it best at the wedding, said that she couldn’t even have dreamt up a better husband and life partner for me, and I AGREE!!!

This was a beautiful wedding and so much fun to do, but see for yourself….


Let me start off by saying WOW WOW WOW!!! You are most definitely the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to planning a wedding!!

For anyone that are looking at getting help for your special day, LOOK NO FURTER!! We had 4 weeks to plan our wedding and knowing that other people take up to a year to plan their weddings, my first question to Vicki was “Can we pull this off in time?!” Her answer to me was “Yes, with time to spare”. And that is how our beautiful journey began with Vicki intact.

I didn’t have one second of worries or stress as Vicki had everything under control at all times and even sent me to some FABULOUS spots to find some of my smaller detail things that I wanted to go get myself!

Even the choosing of the décor was a breeeeeeeeeze as she read me perfectly before-hand.

On the BIG day, we got to the venue at book in time, the whole reception area was already 99% done already, I was blown away at how perfectly she had put our plan into action, and this not even talking about the graceful and softly decorated chapel!

We had a smallish crisis during the reception where one of my flown in guests, taxi didn’t pitch to take her back to the airport!!!Who else but Vicki was standing ready, keys in Hand to wizz my friend to the airport for me (how’s that for going beyond the call of duty!!)

The rest of our perfect day went so unbelievably smooth, which left myself and Oz tons of time to spend with our guests as we knew that we didn’t have to worry about ANYTHING!

I just want to thank you again Vicki, you are truly a blessing and sent straight down from heaven to help God in making our big Union day the best one possible!!

May your journeys going forward be blessed as much as you have been a blessing to us!!

Tons of love

Melony and Oscar


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