Nic and Jeannine

Nic and Jeannine are two opposites who make the perfect one, she likes calm elegant colours and Nic loves bright funky colours so by having a wedding of a deep passionate pink and pewter it was the perfect combination just like their love for each other.

They met at a connection group that Nic was leading and when the group split Jeannine left for the other group which left Nic no choice! In order to spend time with Jeannine he asked her for a spontaneous milkshake and well like they say the rest is history. As always when opposites attract and collide there were sparks, romance and it blossomed from a deep rooted friendship build on trust, honesty and most importantly their love each other, warts and all.

They both have serious careers and it was a joy and honour to help them with their wedding and we had so much fun in the process (see the men’s socks). But if you thought they worked hard, well they partied harder which was very evident as it was one of the most festive weddings I’ve seen in a long time.

This was an elegant, joyous and beautiful wedding topped by a celebration that rocked Cassalinga with laughter, Hanson Brothers and the odd Afrikaans treffer.

But see for yourself….

Reference from Groom and Bride:

All we can say is that we couldn’t have done it without Vicki! We had our dream wedding despite both of us working full time and my indecisiveness! Yes my colour scheme changed only about 4 times! But this did not faze Vicki who was always professionally patient with the classic overwhelmed bride. Always enthusiastic and genuinely excited for our wedding, we felt reassured in knowing that Vicki was in control at all times.Vicki goes the extra mile and more, taking care of everything from pre-wedding organization to post-wedding clean up. We most treasured the fact that we felt Vicki’s heart in our wedding with every little detail. Thank you for making our day so very special.

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  1. Louise Williams

    Dear Vicki

    Just wanted to say how much we appreciated all your time and effort for Nic and Jeannine’s wedding. The wedding was such a wonderful, happy occasion and there was honestly not one thing we would have changed. The flowers were stunning. You had so many good ideas and it was wonderful to arrive at places and see all the options available to us. You took all the stress and worry away from us and we could just enjoy the day knowing all arrangements were taken care of. I would not hesitate in recommending your services. I will definitely be calling on your services when Lauren gets married (no pressure!)
    Louise Williams

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