Mike & Tash

Mike & Tash are a couple who are very close to my heart, Mike is like a younger brother to me and the first of my brother’s friends to ask me to assist them with their wedding. So I wanted everything to be extra perfect for Mike and Tash. It was a brilliant wedding that was such fun to be a part of and I think it turned out beautifully but see for yourselves, this is how they met.

Back in the summer of 2006 we met at a friend’s 21st party at the vaal. We danced the night away together until the sun came up and everyone else woke up. We said our goodbyes not long after breakfast and never saw each other again until exactly one year later. On finding out that we were about to see each other again my stomach was filled with butterflies and so much excitement and to my surprise I was greeted with the biggest smile I have ever seen. On the long drive to the vaal I remember our stolen glances in the side mirror and lots of blushing when being caught out. That weekend was the weekend we shared our first kiss and since then have been sharing in each other’s lives. I am marrying my best friend, my rock and my angel from heaven, him being in my life is a true blessing. We are both so excited about sharing our life as husband and wife.

Venue: Toadbury Hall www.toadburyhall.co.za

Photographer: Love made Visible www.lovemadevisible.co.za

Flowers & decor: Sapphire Weddings


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