Mark and Lizelle


When I arrived home after work one afternoon in June 2011 and I was greeted by: “our honeymoon is booked and we leaving on 6 November so best you plan our wedding day!” I was bowled for a 6! We have been engaged for 3 months and I did not expect this in the least. My nerves were shot! Who books a honeymoon before they discussed a wedding date????? ………. The answer….. My wonderful fiancé!

Oh boy, with nothing in place WE have 4 months and 1 week to plan our wedding day. The day that I have dreamt of since I was 8! So I phoned my mom, my sister, my friends and the question I asked was: Do I get a wedding planner???????? Mark and I both have business to run and we are both busy from morning to night, how will WE get everything or anything done? But posing the question to family and friends did not help as the answers I got was mixed… “yes get one” was the choice of 50 % (I like that option) BUT the other 50 % had a good point…”no don’t get one, they take over your day, they push you into their ideas, you land up with things you didn’t want and what you wanted is nowhere to be find” (I don’t like that idea), so now what do we do…… I turned to the one person that I knew I could trust, the one person that always give me guidance when I don’t know what to do… yes, you guessed it… I asked Mark what he thought and his answer was simple, set up some meetings and see what they offer. You have no obligation to use anyone of them, but at least you will know if you want to make use of one.

So I grabbed my laptop straight away. It’s Saturday night and I don’t expect to hear a thing till Monday, so if I do decide to change my mind between Saturday and Monday, I can still tell them I have changed my mind, but let me see what I can find on the web. So Google search here we are.

In addition to finding out more about a wedding planner, we also need to find a venue, so while Mark is using his laptop and our dear friend google in the search for venues, I start my private investigation on wedding planners. What do they offer, what is the cost, look at their galleries and last but not least……. the “contact us” page…. so I decide on 3 and send my contact details to them with no expectation to hear anything soon.

20 minutes later I receive a sms, “Hi Lizelle, this is Vicki from Sapphire Weddings, thank you for your details. I will be contacting you soon to set up a meeting. Regard’s Vicki. – what… this time of a Saturday night!!! Oh no… what did I do…… is she going to be one of those that will take over my wedding and give me everything I DONT want???

During the next week, we meet with Vicki and our lives changed! Can she do this, yes. Will she do that, yes. Is she available when I need her, yes! YES, YES and YES!!! From getting quotes on decor, to driving me around to look for shoes and jewellery for my bridesmaid, to getting samples of the right colours I want, to arranging that my flowers are imported on time, to liaising with my minister, photographer, musician, the drivers of my cars and the pilot that flew me in, in a helicopter to arranging for all my guests a place to stay over not only at the lodge but when that got too full also at surrounding B&B’s in the area. She even ensured that our favours for our guests (bonsai trees) was arranged, pots sourced, potted at the right time and I got a weekly photo to make sure we  stay comfortable that we did not make a mistake when we chose this as a gift to our special guests.

From stationary, invitations, table seating and seating board to “thank you cards to go with the gifts.

When my hairdresser dropped me a month before the wedding, Vicki even sorted me out with details and profiles of other hairdressers!

WE did not have to source one quote for anything as Vicki took care of everything. We had 3 to-do-lists, my one, Vicki’s one and my bridesmaid one. Whenever we got together to tick off what has been done or to add something that WE suddenly thought of, Vicki already had it covered!

From cake tasting to assisting with changing the standard menu from the venue – it was all covered.  We received reminders of when to make payments and, yes believe it, she even did all my flower arrangements and decorations on the day!

Lizelle and Mark both wanted their wedding  to be special, to make it different and interesting they incorporated their personalities into the day, Lizelle was flown in by her step son in a beautiful helicopter, their table names where photo’s of the adventures they had been on together, the party kicked off right from their spectacular entrance, this was a wedding people would be talking about for a long time but see for yourself. . .



Vicki is not only a wedding planner, no, Vicki and Sapphire Weddings will be a part of your wedding that you don’t want to be without. From lending a hand, giving emotional support, cheering you up when you are down, laughing with you and bringing your most important day together while making it look like she is arranging a dinner for one, never forcing her opinion or taking over your dream!

If we had to do it all over again, we would not do it without Vicki right next to us!


Vicki – Thank you so much for making our day a perfect day! We could not have done it without you!! – Mark & Lizelle Uren


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