Lukas and Miriam


When you first meet Lukas & Miriam you will immediately see the amazing love they have for each other and that was the theme for their wedding. The theme of love flowed effortlessly through their wedding from the hand made and delivered invites in wooden boxes made by Lukas, the seating chart, to the individually made name place cards and personalised jar of homemade biscuits or sweeties for the children. Their deep love for family and friends was evident in beautiful family photos & heart felt speeches. Miriam and Lukas are the perfect fit bringing out only the best in each other they wanted a wedding day that represented what their marriage would be like and what they stood for which came across in the words hung above the guest tables, each word had a special meaning to them. Miriam radiated beauty on the day and when Lukas saw her for the first time you could see him lose his breath for a moment.  The rest of the day was filled with lots of smiles, a few beautiful kisses, a few tears of joy and some spectacular dancing and lots of laughter as friends celebrated their love well into the night.

Thank you Lukas and Miriam for allowing me the opportunity to coordinate for you on your special day it was an honour to serve friends. I wish you many more years of happiness and love!


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