Jono and Roxy


I have known Jono for many years- he was in fact my high school crush and the older brother of my best friend, Bethany, in high school! When I left high school, I kept in touch with Beth over the years but always met up with her at coffee shops and never went to her home anymore. So I had not seen Jono in over 8 years, except for bumping into him once while in Spar! He was always dating someone when I wasn’t and I was always dating someone when he wasn’t!

In December 2010, Beth invited me to her birthday dinner and Jono and I reconnected. We hit it off immediately- there was loads of laughter and relaxed conversation that night. I had just gotten my first blackberry 4 days prior to her birthday dinner, and I didn’t know how bbm worked yet. Jono showed me how to add him as a contact that night, and that got the ball rolling with many bbm chats for the next month. I remember one day we had spent 7 hours straight just bbm-ing!

Jono plucked up the courage and asked me to go out for coffee and a movie with him on the 21st of January. That was a Friday, and the date was so successful that he asked to see me again the following night! The rest is history!! – Roxy

As for the wedding day it was a perfect day dedicated to God and their love for Him and each other. It was a beautiful and joyous celebration of love with family and friends. The striking colours of red and purple made the day an elegant and joyous celebration filled with laughter and dancing.

I chose Vicki Martin, director of Sapphire Weddings, to plan my dream day as she had planned both of my cousins’ weddings and I was highly impressed with her décor and flower design skills, and her friendly rapport that she developed with our family. My engagement was short, only four months, and I wanted a wedding planner who would be organized, get things done on time, and alleviate me of the typical stress a bride feels when her big day looms closer!

Vicki Martin met with my mom and I within a matter of days after asking for her to plan my wedding. I remember feeling overwhelmed with all the questions and to do lists that I had swirling around in my head before the initial meeting. But after that first meeting with Vicki, I was completely at peace and very excited about the planning process! That had a lot to do with Vicki’s friendly and relaxing demeanor, as well as her logical, step-by-step organization. I knew that she had everything under control and that I could trust her timeline. The thing that stood out the most for me was how passionate and excited Vicki was about my special day- her enthusiasm and energy was contagious and just seemed to highlight my excitement even more. She gave good advice and creative ideas but also respected my choices.

I had a lot of fun meeting with Vicki and planning the theme of my wedding, choosing flowers and décor, as well as planning table gifts, the rehearsal dinner, and the timeline of the wedding day. We always met over coffee or a meal and she became a friend in the process. :)

My wedding day was perfect! Everything ran smoothly without a glitch, and I was blown away by the chapel and reception hall flowers and décor. The manager came up to me during the reception and said Oak Field Farm had never had such ‘stunning and different décor’ before. That is such a testimony to Vicki’s work-it is unique!

I did not feel any stress leading up to the wedding, or on the wedding day. I was so grateful for that. What a privilege it was to spend those few days leading up to wedding feeling calm and happy, and being able to enjoy those last few hours feeling peaceful before walking down the aisle, because I knew someone was working hard behind the scenes to make sure my day went according to plan.

I would recommend Sapphire Weddings to any bride- they won’t have any regrets, only great memories!



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