James and Carey


James and I met at a bbq/braai, here in the UK, South African function, 8 years ago.

And the is how James proposed to me on special day on February 14th 2010 in a place called Abbotsbury, in Dorset, we went to these lovely gardens and hiked a hill to find a perfect seaview setting, I had no idea what was to come.  As I sat next to him on the bench I turned round and there he was presenting these beautiful ring to me, I was speechless and, well of course I said yes, and the first person we  rang was my mom who could not stop sceaming with excitment.  We proceeded down the hill to walk the rest of the gradens with James tellingme the storey of the ring.

James had gone out to SA the year before where he had taken the  picture of a ring I really liked and had saved on my laptop.  I had no idea he had done this, hehe!!  Together with his parents they visited a family friend who has his own jewellers and designed the ring  from the picture James had, using the diamonds from his grandmothers ring, it wouldnt be ready in time so some good friends several months later met with James parents and brought the ring back to the UK.  I am honoured to have a bespoke ring with bits from his grandmothers ring, passed down.

8 years later we are still very much in love from the very first moment we met and can not wait to come back to tie the knot on African soil.  And this is how the beautiful day turned out. . .

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