Dave and Lauren


Lauren and Dave met in the beginning of 2010 while studying teaching. It was a complete miracle that they met in the first place because Lauren was actually heading for a completely different career path in psychology.  However, it turned out that she just wasn’t meant to further her studies in that area. After applying for masters twice with all the credentials, and still not getting in, on the last day she could register for teaching she did.

Dave noticed Lauren the moment she walked into class and had no idea that in a few weeks time they would be dating. They ended up taking the same classes and let’s just say from then on neither of them knew anything about what the lecturer was saying, but started learning everything about each other.

Seven months later after a magical day in the Knysna forest Dave proposed on Paradise ridge with a guitar and a bottle of champagne, and well, the rest is history…

Dave and Lauren were determined to have a different wedding, one that people would remember and talk about for many years to come. They added personality to their wedding by adding their own unique ideas, such as special gifts for each other to open while getting ready, popcorn for confetti,  no guest gifts instead a donation to charity, a 6 tiered cheese cake of all their favourite cheeses. And sorry guys no garter for you, but how about a cigar and whiskey instead? The colour scheme of green and white make for an fresh & elegant affair. But ultimately this was a celebration of a young couples deep love for each other, but see for yourself the photo’s speak 1000 words…..


‘They’ say  Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding was the wedding of the century. But ‘they’ never came to ours! Everything was perfect and Vicki played such a massive role in making our wedding what it was. Wedding planning doesn’t come naturally to everybody (making no reference to Dave at all) and can really make the time leading up to the wedding stressful but with Vicki steering the planning process, we had such peace that everything was going to turn out

Not only is Vicki brilliant at what she does, but her heart for people and her passion for her work really make her a wonderful friend and someone we would recommend to anyone. Thank you for everything Vicks. Thank you for taking so much time to make our day what it was. You are a God send.

Wedding Moments