Craig and Lesley

“Craig’s not necessarily known for his planning, colour-coded spreadsheets notwithstanding, and so the ‘Proposal’ – preceded by the ‘Asking for Lesley’s Hand in Marriage’ – was no different. He should have realised that he was tempting fate when he decided to hide the ring in the tyre well during the drive down to Knysna, cringing at every pothole hit & bump negotiated… But survive the ring did, much to Craig’s immense relief.

Plucking up the courage to ask Mike for his & Barbara’s blessing took some doing. Many false starts later, in a little neighbourhood pub following a tour of the local brewery, Mike said Yes. It took some convincing though for Mike to believe that the actual Proposal had not yet happened & Craig had to point out to him that Lesley could still very well say ‘No’. Sworn to secrecy, the boys departed for home & to personally ask Barbara for her blessing.

Knysna has always had a special place in Lesley’s heart & Craig had (mistakenly) believed that the quaint, quiet little seaside town would be ideal for a very low key affair. He was mistaken because he chose the busiest weekend of the Knysna Festival. By the time he & Lesley had ventured into the mountains to run the Knysna Half Marathon on the Saturday morning, the cat was out the bag – literally! Although professing his innocence, every fellow runner that knew Mike made an effort to congratulate Lesley on her engagement, much to her puzzlement. So on the last evening in town, after enjoying the company of friends, Craig managed to cunningly procure a bottle of bubbly & some plastic beer glasses & vehemently insisted that the rather tired party of four visit the Eastern Head. Little did they know it, but Lisle & Lester were to be both witnesses & “official” photographers.

With the sun setting over the lagoon behind the Western Head & with a bemused fisherman watching the four climb a jagged bunch of rocks, Craig popped the bubbly, went down on bended knee & asked Lesley to be his wife.” – Taken off their wedding website.

Craig’s and Lesley’s wedding was just as joyous as their proposal! It was a day that overflowed with Love, laugther and a very personal celebration amongst family and friends! Lesley managed to find time in her hectic schedule to make all the paper laterns for the tables, buy and wrap individual gifys for all her guests and surprise her groom with a personal cake topper. Craig and Lesley managed to make their wedding special to themselves while still being perfect hosts which lead to one Big celebartion that had everyone dancing the night away!

Every girl dreams about her wedding day at some point – I just thought it would be easier than I had imagined!! I poo-poo’d all the brides that had seriously unpleasant bridezilla moments and couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about….I mean, I organize for a living, so this should be easy…

Craig and I agreed a couple things upfront: no pink, no yellow, a pastor that we could relate to and finally, well, that was it. Our desire was to have a wedding that was meaningful and focused on the important things: God, family and having fun.

We were blessed to be introduced to Rev Paul Oosthuizen who brought a fun, poignant aspect to our ceremony. Family-wise, we had people flying in from all over the world and friends travelling to spend the day with us. Fun? Well, this is where Vicki came in. Initially I approached Vicki to put together our day and our flowers. Our budget meant that we needed to do things a little differently, for example, we ended up using ferns on the tables and saved money for other items (Vicki took this idea and glamourized it beautifully, see her pot plant blog). I bribed her with a glass of wine a few weeks later and finally had to admit that no matter how much Red Bull I drank, I was not going to be able to wing the “co-ordinating” thing alone. Our wedding choices meant we needed a couple hands on the day and we didn’t have that.

Vicki was kind enough not to laugh too loudly into her drink, but perhaps I actually didn’t hear her over all my whinging!!  Some careful number crunching and money-saving tips from Vicki meant we could hire this supremo to co-ordinate on the day AND set up the venue. At first I was a little perturbed to be handing off my mammoth project plan, but truth be told, she was doing a far better job than me and with far more finesse! In little time, I was being organized, arranged and consulted – a very nice place to be when you are a bride!!!

It was in the week before the wedding that Vicki really came into her own. Various curve balls and some frazzled moments left little patience for wrapping our 35 saplings, sourcing the silver butterflies or dealing with a half-wit venue. Vicki was on the ball, picking up, dropping off, wrapping up and smiling the whole way. The day of the wedding she drove my mom to the venue, set up our reception and chapel beyond our expectations (even the bathrooms!), juggled the venue suppliers, ensured my music played “at the perfect moment” and so much more. So much of the value that Vicki brought to our day – aside from her prayers, comfort, sense of humour and can-do approach – was that none of the bridal party had to worry about the “details”. For someone who does “detail”, that was a biggie for me. Having Vicki on board gave me the space to enjoy my day without concern or worry. And she just keeps smiling!!

For someone who didn’t believe in wedding co-ordinators and has issues with spending money (!!), this was a thoroughly positive experience. Vicki was worth every penny and more – if you need any convincing, call me. And get ready for that beautiful smile….

Wedding Moments