We can do your A-Z of planning your dream wedding or alternatively just an element. Please contact us to arrange your first consultation, which is free of charge in the Johannesburg area. Here we discuss your dream wedding and how I can be of assistance to you.  or 082 888 3561


Gold Sapphire, Planning and Preparation of a Wedding

To assist the bride and groom’s with a budget if they don’t have one already or to finalize it if they do. We’ll put together a comprehensive plan for your wedding from start to finish. Starting with finalizing a date, venue and marriage officiator ensuring it all comes together to be the perfect day you have always dreamt of.

We will gladly assist with the following and any other need that a couple may have:

  • Allowing couples to express what is important to them about their wedding day and ensuring that it is present on the day, as well as after having met them and judging their personalities, likes and dislikes making practical suggestions on how to make the day more personal in the finer details.
  • Finding the perfect venue including setting up and attending site inspections with the couple in order to advise them about their options.
  • Introducing couples to a variety of perfect suppliers to meet their requirements and budget. And to attend meetings with the couple so require (at additional cost for time & travel). After many years in the industry we have built strong relationships with quality professional suppliers for every requirement of a wedding:
  • Source quotations for the design and production of invitations, menus, table numbers, guest seating plans and any other stationery requirements
  • Ensure all aspects of the ceremony are thought of and are in the right order of proceedings: bridal procession into the ceremony, order of ceremony, what to put in a service booklet, songs, unity candles and communion items and any decor if required.
    • Stationery Designer
    • Marriage Officer’s
    • Attorney’s
    • Couture Designer or Bridal       store including shoes
    • Men’s suite stores
    • Jeweler
    • DJ or entertainer
    • Stage & lighting       specialist
    • Transportation
    • Cake designer
    • Décor & flower       specialist
    • Photographer’s
    • Videographer
    • Caterer
    • Hair and make-up artist
    • Bridal gift registry
    • Speech coach and writer
  • All aspects of the reception have been thoroughly thought through: order of proceedings and speeches (also who says what), decor including draping, lighting, linen, and flowers. So that the overall look and theme of the wedding is perfect and none of the finer details have been over looked.
  • To run through the logistical aspects of the wedding day, drawing up a time line to ensure the day runs smoothly. Including a detailed supplier and important people phone list just in case of emergencies on the wedding day.
  • Finding the perfect dress and if need be the perfect diet to ensure you fit into it.
  • The bridesmaid’s dresses to suit your theme colour and their body shapes.
  • Advise you on what the men should wear and where to get it so they look their very best on the day.
  • Advise couples on what would be the perfect guest favour if they would like to give one and don’t have anything in mind. I can source quotations on the perfect “thank you” gifts.
  • To assist in setting up and attending the décor & flower mock up meeting with a bride & groom to be an objective opinion by offering expert advice.
  • Attending the final venue meeting with a couple, using my expertise in the hospitality industry to take notes and assist in decision making if a couple is unsure of how to overcome an obstacle.
  • Advising couples on how to set out their seating plan within the confines of the venue but maximizing the space. As well as where to position family and friends table in conjunction to the main table as well as DJ, cake and gift tables.
  • Check the spelling of name tags, table seating cards and making sure everyone is accounted for from the guest list.
  • Double checking there are sufficient menu cards, table numbers and gifts for the reception.
  • A rain plan if need be.
  • Setting up and attending a ceremony run through with marriage officiator, the bridal party and other members of the family avoids any surprises on the day, settles nerves and participants understand and know what is expected of them on the wedding day.

Blue Sapphire – On the Wedding day Co – ordination

When coordination is not in conjunction with planning your wedding, I ask please to be present at the décor & flower mock up and the final venue meeting as to know what has been promised to you in those meetings as I can then ensure those promises are fulfilled on the day.

Light Blue: On the day co-ordination from set up till the couple enter the reception:

We oversee all is set up on the day, the way you requested it to be, ensuring everything is perfect.

  • All the ceremony and reception décor & flowers are in place as discussed.
  • To ensure the ceremony and reception venues are clean and ready on time.
  • The week before confirm all the vendors for the wedding day and their arrival times.
  • Periodically check up on the bridal party to ensure everything is running on time and all is well there.
  • To escort the bride to view the venue once the set-up is complete and time allows for this.
  • Make sure the marriage officiator is there on time and has all they have requested in the ceremony venue – lectern, mic and water.
  • All the tables have the right number of seats and right table numbers and are in the right place according to your seating plan.
  • To ensure the cake and DJ arrive on time and are set up.
  • To make sure the groom has arrived and is ready on time. Also allowing him a reception viewing if times allows.
  • The ushers are in the right place for the ceremony and know what to do.
  • To make sure there is place for the family in front of the chapel.
  • Make sure the groom is in the chapel before the bride arrives.
  • To fetch the bride from her bridal suite when the time is right.
  • To ensure the bride enters the chapel after everyone is seated.
  • To ensure the bride enters at the right time and to the right song.
  • To ensure the flower girls are in place with the confetti for the end of the ceremony.
  • To ensure the guests enjoy the before reception drinks while the bridal party takes photo’s. And ensure there are enough refreshments during this period.
  • Assist with the family photo’s to ensure they run smoothly and quickly.
  • To ensure the bridal party is looked after with refreshments during photos. And to be a lady in waiting for the couple & photographer if needs be.
  • To ensure all décor and flowers have been moved from the ceremony venue and is set up in the reception venue
  • Making sure the lectern and mic are in place for the speeches and to make sure there is enough light to read the speeches.
  • To assist the MC usher guests into the reception venue when the time is right.
  • Making sure guests are seated and comfortable before the couple enter the venue
  • To usher the bride and groom into their venue when they are finished with photos.
  • See to any mishaps that occur during the time frame.


Star Blue: On the day co-ordination from set up till last guest leaves the reception:

This is a full day package we oversee all the above mentioned and for the duration of the reception to ensure the bridal couple remain guests at their wedding and not harassed hosts allowing them to enjoy this very special occasion.

  • Making sure the guests are seated before the couple enters the reception.
  • Cueing the MC in running the order of events and assisting in time management. So they and the couple remain relaxed throughout the evening.
  • We liaise between the caterer, DJ and the MC to ensure a timely event.
  • Making sure the champagne is ready to be served before the speeches. And is toped up before the next set of speeches commences
  • Attending to all unforeseen food and beverage glitches.
  • Adjusting the atmosphere of the venue, temperature and lights etc.
  • Handling the money envelopes to a responsible person early in the evening for safe keeping.
  • Making sure the bride and groom are properly looked after during the reception.
  • Making sure the guests & the couple celebrate the wedding by checking up on the DJ.
  • Keeping an eye on the bar tap and making sure the limit is not exceeded. And advising the couple when it is almost reached the limit and how would they like to proceed according to what has been prearranged.
  • We see to the couple leaving when it best suites them before all the guests have left for a traditional tunnel or as the last guests so they can party right till the end.
  • We remain at the reception till the end to ensure all presents go home with the wedding party. Collecting any lost items after the guests have left, returning all hired items, and clearing of the venue.

We also carry a well stocked emergency kit for the unexpected red wine spill or plasters for blistered manicured toes from beautiful new shoes, to just about any SOS need you may have.

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