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DJ WORS – it’s gonna be GOOD!



DJ Wors is based in Dullstroom and is responsible for some of the greatest parties Dullstroom has ever seen! I spent my New Years dancing out 2012 to some of the greatest hits thanks to DJ Wors I would highly recommend him for any celebration. If you are getting married in that area and looking for a great DJ, look no further. Or maybe you are heading to Dullies for a spot of fishing or a weekend with mates then the Duck and Trout is the place to be when DJ Wors hits the decks!

Here is a short piece on who he is and why he does what he does, but to book him his contaact details are below.

  1. What inspired you to become a DJ: Music & People
  2. How long have you been in this industry: 5 years
  3. Where do you find inspiration: Tiesto
  4. Do you have a favourite venue and why: Dunkeld Country Estate, just a nice relaxing venue
  5. What do you enjoy most about your job: To see people      enjoying themself while they dancing
  6. What is your favourite part or moment of a wedding: The first dance
  7. Which trends are Big right now in your industry: all different types of lighting
  8. Any tips for Brides: Always take the advice of a DJ with the choice of the party music.
  9. What’s your favourite wedding venue to work at: Dunkeld Country Estate
  10. What from Djing would you use at your wedding or have used: The lazer & LED lights
  11. What is your favourite time of the year for a wedding: October
  12. What is your favourite type or theme of wedding: vintage
  13. What has been the highlight of your career: To work with Albert Frost & Elvis Blue
  14. A quote to live by: Live life to the fullest!!!!!!


Contact  Annette for bookings


Cell: 0790527872

Facebook DJ Wors page





Biji Couture – Couture Wedding Gowns

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Since 1990, their design ethic has stemmed from a love of superbly designed and beautifully fitted garments and have become known for luxurious and feminine dresses with a cosmopolitan edge. Each gown is custom designed and made to fit your body and personality perfectly. Biji and Laura are Couture designers who are passionate about making you look your best on your wedding day. With Biji Couture the making of your dream gown becomes a beautiful journey, as one watches the gown evolve with each fitting.

Contact Biji for your dream gown

011 784 8018



Love Made Visible – Fabulous Wedding Photographers


Hello, pleased to meet you!

We are Bruce and Rebecca, a husband/wife wedding photography dream-team based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Rebecca loves excited laughter as the bride and the girls get ready together, relaxed brides who can’t stop smiling and a wedding saturated in sincere emotion.

Bruce loves funny best man speeches, relaxed couples who like to laugh and seeing a bride and groom truly enjoying their wedding day.

We have a strong documentary approach to weddings and try to avoid posing as far as possible. If you want wedding photographs that capture real beauty and emotion, rather than anything staged or overly-posed, then drop us a line.


Our approach

We have a strong documentary approach to weddings and try to avoid posing as far as possible. If you want wedding photographs that capture real beauty and emotion, rather than anything staged or overly-posed, you’ve come the right place.

It is our mission to creatively capture the essence of your wedding so that you have awesome memories when the guests have gone home, the cake has been licked off your fingers and your dress has been packed away.

We want to tell your love story through our photographs; the tears and belly laughs, the excitement when getting ready, the moving ceremony and the joyful celebration that follows. We want to find out what makes your love unique, and then make that love visible.


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Meet Chris Winspear the man behind the name.

In our last post we introduced the Company Chris  Winspear Design Jewellers, but now meet the very talented man behind the name.

  1. What inspired you to become a jeweler: A remarkable jeweler and my jewellery teacher in Sydney.
  2. How long have you been in this industry: 14 years
  3. Where do you find inspiration: I study design elements in nature, and the subject matter stipulated in the clients brief.
  4. How would you define your style in what you do: Minimalist
  5. Do you have a favourite stone or gem and why: My favorite thing within  my line of work is sapphires and diamonds. More so the less known varieties.
  6. What do you enjoy most about your job: Working with a couple who are going to get married and designing their rings with them. It is very humbling to be apart of their wedding and creating  the one thing (other than each other) that they will see and wear for the rest of their lives.
  7. What is your favourite part or moment of a wedding: The handing over of the rings.
  8. Which trends are Big right now in your industry: Coloured Diamonds
  9. Any tips for Brides: Your rings are the most important piece of jewellery you will ever purchase and the engagement and wedding rings is the one thing from your wedding that you are going to wear every day for the rest of your lives. Shouldn’t It should be a piece that is unique to you and of unquestionable quality?
  10. What’s your favourite wedding venue to work at, why: I don’t have any real favorites’, however Shepstone Gardens is a beautiful place.
  11. What from a jewellery side would you use at your wedding or have used: Platinum.
  12. What is your favourite time of the year for a wedding: February.
  13. What is your favourite type or theme of wedding: Vintage or rustic chic
  14. What’s new at your company: The addition of our 2nd 3D printer which we use to make replicas of our clients jewellery designs. The clients can proof the item and ensure they are in love with the piece before we manufacture it. This ensures that there will never be any unforeseen surprises and makes us exceptionally unique compared to other manufacturing jewellers.
  15. What has been the highlight of your career: As I specialize in custom design and have studied jewellery design as well as the history of jewellery extensively at university and as an everyday practice, winning  an award for my work in the largest  design competition in South Africa was an incredible and humbling experience. Another highlight was my experience working with a manufacturing jeweller in Catania, Sicily. Giving me a great spread and rounded experience for design and manufacturing techniques used in Australia, South Africa and Sicily first hand.
  16. What is the worst thing to happen to you while on the job and how did you deal with the crisis: We got burgled and our armed response company didn’t respond. We got cleaned out. It was one of the worst experiences I have ever had to endure. I replaced all my clients pieces that we were working on at the time and ensured that there was no      unnecessary disruption to the clients getting their replacement jewellery and in as short a time as possible.
  17. A quote to live by: An old friend of mine used to say ‘just commit’, meaning it is better to make a decision, whether it turns out to be right or wrong, don’t just wait for life to pass you by. So, just commit.


Tel: +27 11 262 3603

Cell: +27 83 266 5297

Twitter: @chris_winspear



Online Shop:

Chris Winspear Design Jewellers – Prestige, Elegance and Opulence


Chris Winspear Design Jewellers

Prestige, Elegance and Opulence

Chris Winspear Design Jewellers is renowned for their elegant jewellery and specialize in creating custom-designed pieces of prestige. The man behind all this opulent jewellery, Chris Winspear is very passionate about his craft and he strives for total perfection. From engagement and wedding rings, to cufflinks and pendants, to bracelets and charms – Chris Winspear Design Jewellers has been designing unique pieces for clients all over the world.

With local roots and international experience in both Sicily and Australia, the founder Chris Winspear has created the perfect blend of stunning aesthetics, creativity and charm. The designer began his career in Australia in 1998, and worked with a successful goldsmith in Sydney.

After this, he decided to return home to study at Wits Tech University to further his expertise in the design field. He completed his diploma in jewellery design and manufacture in 2005. While at university in 2004, he won the Jewellex Jewellery Design Competition for best design

The latest project was the launch of the Chris Winspear Design Jewellers Fairy Tale Charms as part of the gift line just before Christmas. The silver charms are available for Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Frog Prince, Princess and the Pea and Red Riding Hood. In collaboration with Arwen Garmentry and the photographer Benjamin Skinner, they have combined the launch of the jewellery with the presentation of amazing fairy tale themed photographs. The charms are perfect little gifts for bridesmaids or just to bring joy to a special person.

For additional information, please contact Kathrin Lauda:

Tel: +27 11 262 3603

Cell: +27 83 266 5297




Twitter: @chris_winspear

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