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Social Media for Businesses – How to with ease!!

This is a work shop for small businesses like myself who can’t afford a media company to promote their business on the many social media platforms, this workshop will show you how to keep your profiles fresh and different with tips on how to achieve this without taking hours out of your day!

Please send me an email if you are interested in joining us, I have a few seats still available!

Simple decor for fun or for any function to make it special! In under 30 minutes!

This is decor I used for my mother’s day breakfast, I have all these items in my house and just rearranged them to make a fabulous centre piece in under 20 minutes. On all the plates where smaller hearts tied with ribbon and wooden hearts to continue the theme. I hope it sparks your creative side! Have fun creating!

In honour of You!

These arrangements were for a Gentleman who loved the bush and hiking. The family thought that the flowers should reflect that, so I used Flowers & Greenery that you would find naturally in our mountains, especially now as the protea’s are flowering. The roses aren’t natural to our bush but I needed something to lift the arrangement slightly but not make it to feminine.













In honour of You!



Funerals or Memorial Services are always a very sad time for all involved, been there & done that! But I feel there is another way to see these events in one’s life as a celebration of that person’s wonderful live, their fabulous smile, beautiful heart and amazing love a time to reflect on all the adventures they went on. I find the best way to do this is to use bright & beautiful flowers at the service (and in my case when I pass on the party afterwards). Use their favourite flowers, or bring in their favourite colours this is guaranteed to lift people’s spirits and make them remember all the wonderful memories they have of the person. These are flowers we did for a very special lady in honour of her amazing life.

But what are your thoughts?


Wedding Moments