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Meet Jacque Crafford from Silent Video Productions.

Meet Jacque the very talented Videographer, he is amazing trust me.

What inspired you to become a videographer:

It was in the start of my final year of Varsity studying BCom Risk Management, when I went with my hostel on a cycling trip from Potchefstroom to Durban.  One of the team leaders asked me to capture some video with his dad’s “handicam”. Once I picked it up I couldn’t put it down! Returning from the trip, I edited my first video and I was hooked. After making a few videos for the hostel and later for the University, I knew that I wanted to do this for the rest of my life. I finished my degree (which I have never used) and got an opportunity at a church as a full-time editor. Through hard work, days/nights spent on Google, and a lot of trial and error, I taught myself the basics and started my own production company in 2010.

How long have you been in this industry:

I did my first wedding in 2009 but only really started doing it more full-time in 2010

Where do you find inspiration:

I find a lot of inspiration in movies and I also follow some of the big international wedding cinematographers. I believe that I was given this talent by God and He’s a big inspiration to me in my work!

How would you define your style in what you do:

My style is still a new trend in the wedding video industry and can be described as “Cinematic Wedding Films” My work is much more than just capturing footage at an event! It’s the way we document and communicate it in the form of a story, always staying true and authentic to the couple/wedding! SA people in general still has a bad perception of wedding videos and I have the privilege to help change the industry by bringing awareness of the quality of work that’s available if you use the right service providers!

What do you enjoy most about your job:

It’s difficult to say as I enjoy pretty much everything! I love that fact that people are always happy and festive a wedding! It’s a life giving environment where I have the privilege of sharing with people in their most special day! I love working with people in general (clients/other suppliers) and off course I love the editing and filming part of the wedding!

What is your favourite part or moment of a wedding:

I absolutely love the part where the bride comes down the aisle. The look on the groom’s face is priceless!

Which trends are Big right now in your industry:

As mentioned earlier the trend of “Cinematic Wedding Films” are growing in popularity and people want more than just a “coverage” of an “event”. They want an artistic expression that speaks of authenticity and communicates the uniqueness of the wedding!

Any tips for Brides:

2 Things that’s really important when booking a videographer:

* Always make sure you view more of their work than just one promo video e.g., view at least 3 or 4 Highlight videos or request a sample DVD of at least one full wedding as they gave it to previous clients.

* Pay special attention to the sound! The reason the wedding video has such a bad name is because many wedding videos have poor sound when it comes to the ceremony and reception. For this reason if someone just shows a clip of music in the background without speech, it’s important to ask for a full sample of the ceremony and the reception.

What’s your favourite wedding venue to work at, why?

Red Ivory @ Hartebeestpoort Dam. I absolutely love the beauty of the venue and it’s one of the easier venues to film in terms of logistics!

What from the videography industry would you use at your wedding or have used:

I would definitely get my wedding captured by people with the same style. I’m privileged to have befriended most of the industry leaders and we have a great working relationship in terms of referring each other.

What is your favourite time of the year for a wedding:

May. It’s not so hot anymore and I like the Autumn vibe

What is your favourite type or theme of wedding:

I’m crazy about a vintage styled wedding and it’s a big industry trend at the moment.

What’s new at your company:

We’ve appointed a new assistant editor and are in the process of training new shooters as we are greatly expanding over the next year.

What has been the highlight of your career:

I’d have to say winning the 2012 Bridal Choice Inland Awards and also getting onto Wedding Friends one of SA’s leading wedding Blogs known for excellence and quality.

What is the worst thing to happen to you while on the job and how did you deal with the crisis:

It was a multi wedding event and I left some essential sound equipment behind at the first destination before the ceremony started! I had to ask the bride if we could extend the entrance by a few minutes and she was cool with it. I quickly drove back and fetched it but basically ended up losing some pre-ceremony shots which I always take. I took some extra guest shots throughout the wedding and the couple was most happy!

A quote to live by:

Achievement doesn’t give you Passion, but Passion will give you Achievement!

See two of Jacque’s favourite wedding video’s:

Claire and Andrew’s Wedding

Neil and Annelie Wedding

Jacques Crafford 
Silent Video Productions

Cell: +2779 432 2103



Vividimages – Amanda

  1. What inspired you to become a photographer: I fell in love with Photography whilst studying Graphic Design at The Open Window Art Academy. After completing my Graphic Design diploma I dedicated another year to learning more about Photography at The National College of Photography. I’m a hopeless romantic and it was the most natural choice for me to start off my career as a Wedding Photographer. I also love interacting with people and love meeting so many interesting people at Weddings.
  2. How long have you been in this industry: I started my career in 2005. I did Au Pair work in the afternoons to subsidize my business named AR Photographics. Whilst keeping my eye out for any Professional Photographers who might need an assistant, I responded to an add by Vividimages Photography. I started working for Jacqui on contract basis and in  2008 we decided to join forces. I am now in charge of the Wedding Photography side of Photography and love every minute of it.
  3. Where do you find inspiration: I love browsing through famous Photographers’ websites, but I think my biggest inspiration comes from my own marriage. I always try to capture the emotion and love I experienced on my wedding day and which is so beautifully displayed at the weddings I capture.
  4. How would you define your style in what you do: My approach is very relaxed and I try to incorporate all the different disciplines within photography eg. Fine art, photo journalistic, candid etc. My biggest aim is to capture every part of your wedding and to portray the day truthfully – every wedding I capture is unique and I strive to portray that as far as possible.
  5. Do you have a favourite flower, dress, song, beauty treatment, venue and why:
  6. What do you enjoy most about your job:I love meeting interesting people and sharing in such a momentous occasion in 2 people’s lives.
  7. What is your favourite part or moment of a wedding: I love seeing the groom’s reaction when his bride comes walking down the aisle. It is such a beautiful and honest moment!
  8. Which trends are Big right now in your industry: Trashing the dress is quite a popular trend in photography at the moment. Photobooths with on-site printing is a fabulous way of keeping guests entertained whilst waiting for the couple to return from their photo shoot. It can also be personalized by adding a personalized guest book where guest can paste their photos and write a short message.
  9. Any tips for Brides: Always make sure that you are 100% comfortable with your Photographer. In the end they are responsible for capturing everlasting memories of your day.
  10. What’s your favourite wedding venue to work at, why: My favourite venue must be The Moon & Sixpence. Not only does the venue have endless photographic possibilities, but the catering is out of this world J
  11. What from photography would you use at your wedding or have used: I would have loved to have had the Photo booth with personalized guest book at my wedding.
  12. What is your favourite time of the year for a wedding: My favourite time of the year for weddings is middle – to end of August: it’s not too cold anymore, but you still have the contrast of the yellow grass and leafless trees.
  13. What is your favourite type or theme of wedding: I don’t really have a favourite type or theme of wedding. Each wedding  runs on the same basic schedule, but are made so uniquely beautiful by the people in them!
  14. What’s new at your company: I’m working on a new secret project. Can’t reveal the details yet. Will keep everyone posted, though!
  15. What has been the highlight of your career:
  16. What is the worst thing to happen to you while on the job and how did you deal with the crisis: I have been very fortunate to not have anything major go wrong at a wedding. The worst is probably when it rains throughout the whole wedding and then we quickly need to improvise with indoor locations.
  17. A quote to live by:“The key to finding the right person is being prepared to be the right person ;)

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Wordless Wednesday it is!! Some fabulous photo’s that grabed my attention! What about you?

Pictures worth a 1000 words!

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