Richard and Katherine

When I first met Katherine and Rich you could just tell this was real love, the kind that movies are based on and they only had eyes for each other. They have a deep and respectful love for each other, in one sentence – “They complete each other”. What the one lacks the other brings to the party. And boy can they party as seen at their wedding.

It is said by Katherine that four years prior to their meeting a mutual friend predicted that they would be perfect for each other based on a common belief and would be married one day. Looking back I’m sure he is kicking himself for not betting on it!! Rich inherited Katherine with the practice he took over and after a while decided it might not be such a bad idea to ask her out. He thought the best way of doing that was to ask Katherine to be his excuse as to why not to attend his sister’s party and rather to say he had a hot date for the movies, now some of these things are legends according to the couple and some not I’ll leave you decide which is which! But I think all will stand in agreement that is was the best happy ending to a movie date.

I personally would have paid for the movie rights to this love story!

“Vicki is a wonder. We never realized how much help we actually needed until just before my wedding. Vicki took over the nitty gritty with her characteristic enthusiasm and unflappable attitude, and made everything happen like clockwork. Vicki is friendly and organized and worked together with everyone involved in the wedding to make sure the day ran smoothly and was as beautiful as we dreamed it would be. Vicki made sure everything was exactly how we wanted it and showed stunning initiative where necessary. Vicki also produced an amazingly stunning cake for us! We would recommend her services to anyone planning a wedding in a heartbeat!”

Wedding Moments