Mark and Olivia

Here is a couple brought together by the Lord. Olivia thought her calling was to help Mark with his ministry, but little did she realise that she was called to be his helper, as his wife. Mark on the other hand didn’t answer Liv’s emails and tried not to encourage this persistent helper until the voice in his heart spoke of her as his wife. Accepting this and the invite to her 30th birthday, brought a night that would change their lives for ever.They ended up being seated next to each other, after greeting those around her and chatting to Mark, Mark then realised afterwards he had a Jerry Meriqure moment of: “you had me at hello”.

After a few months of romance and sweeping off of feet, Mark proposed at the foot of Table Mountain with his grandmother’s antique ring and reading Liv his poem which melted Liv’s knees and heart. This led to a wedding like no other of celebration of Love for the Lord and each other. All present were touched in some way and left changed.

See for yourself….


What an incredible blessing it was to have you help plan our wedding. You made the journey leading up to our big day very special. You also managed to turn all of our ideas into a reality, which at times was challenging since they were bound by our budget. We not only got to have our cake and eat it, but we also got our orchids. Your encouraging words, big smile, gentle nature and your determination to make everything perfect made me a very happy and content bride. Thank you my dear friend, you have a gift, may God bless you as you bless others with it.

Lots of love
Mark & Olivia

Wedding Moments