Luke and Sacha

Well this was a romance story Danielle Steele would envy. Sacha met Luke’s parents and befriended them, she became like a second daughter to them and as they grew to love her they realised God had a bigger plan. Poor Luke never stood a chance. Luke was away travelling while all of this was taking place and once he met Sacha he didn’t want to stand a chance. After a dinner and introduction, they both knew it was tickets – they had found their soul mate through the Lover of their souls.
See some parental set ups work (but only some meddling for the setting up type moms – mine included!) from then on it was a full steam romance leading straight up a mountain in the Cape wine lands to a private lake and a wooden deck, decked out in a romantic lunch for two and the perfect setting for a perfect proposal for the perfect couple.

The perfect couple required the perfect wedding on a precise budget you judge for yourself if it was perfect….

If anyone has the opportunity to have Vicki plan and organise their wedding-
take it, grab it and don’t let her go. Her bubbly personality, fantastic organisation skills and art of putting a
function together are just a few attributes that makes Vicki the perfect
co-ordinator. She gives you a peace that you don’t get from anyone else on
your special day, she dazzles you with her superb décor and flower skills.
 She is thorough, reliable and a definite asset to any wedding. I will
definitely use her in the future for any business, children or party
functions. She was truly a blessing to have on my day as I wouldn’t have
changed a thing! She made it a memorable day I will never forget.
Take a look at my beautiful photos so you can decide for yourself.

Warm Regards

Wedding Moments