“Scene intro: the perfect romantic movie scene from “The Wedding Date” framed by a floral decorated wooden gateway to an old English stone chapel, Kat stands (having thought she had lost the man of her dreams) with Nick (who decided to come back), as always there is a dramatic pause (which sends our hearts racing, hey ladies?). She starts to say “I thought you’d . . , Nick silences her by softly placing his finger on her lips. And looks deep and lovingly into her eyes and says “I would rather fight with you than make love to anyone else.” At this moment all the ladies sigh and long to be with the man of their dreams.”
Well congrats you have that man! He has made the ultimate romantic gesture and asked for your hand in marriage as you are the only one his heart desires to spend the rest of his life with!! Now that you have briefly returned to planet earth to plan the most perfect and beautiful wedding the one you have dreamed of since marrying Barbie and Ken as a little girl – You are stressing!!

As a couple you have sat down and realistically looked at your finances and what you want and need for the BIG day and now you are over whelmed by dates, venue, colours, bridesmaids & groomsmen, fabrics, decor, seating arrangements, who and who not to invite, which leads to family politics and worst of all you and your knight in shining armour are fighting over the smallest things, like napkins. You start to panic, stress and now plan to elope!

Stop all of the above take a deep breath, get yourself a drink (if you need one) and take 10 minutes to explore our website.

Sapphire Weddings is a wedding co – ordinating company based in Gauteng but we love to travel. We strive to take the 250 hours needed to plan a wedding and easily turn it back to a loving fun filled time, making every worry a memory instead of wishing them by.

We do one on one detailed planning sessions to ensure you have no glitches on the day and all the finer details are thought through and covered. We cater to a wide range of services, if not in-house we’ll source anything needed from planning and preparing your wedding, your cake designs, flowers, decor and most important on the day co – ordination so that your day is absolutely perfect. Leaving you to concentrate on being the most gorgeous bride, knowing all is under control and perfect for you and your groom on your wedding day.

Sapphire Weddings strives to ensure every occasion happens in Faith, bound by Hope and overflows with Love!

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